Social Empowerment

Social Empowerment Programme (SEP)

​Beginning in 1996, the focus of the development strategy of the Sudeesa has sharpened in both domainsof social development and economic development, giving wider emphasis for women and youth to play pivotal roles in decision making for their own development. For this purpose, their capacities have been developed through district plans, under the support of Terre des Hommes, Netherlands. (Video).


Women Focused Programme .

​The women, including widows of the fishers and farmers communities are deprived groups. Most women are unemployed, Low-educated and are living under poor social conditions. Their family income is low; 30% of the families have hardly enough money to pay for their daily expenditure. The women and their families are open to all kind of risks. The strategy chosen by Sudeesais to intervene in the lives of these vulnerable groups through organizing them in to village organizations.

The Village Organizations provide the women a platform to discuss and act upon their social, family, health and economic problems. Village organizations help the women by providing access to women’s economic enterprise development services of Sudeesa. They can borrow, save and be insured. The Sudeesa stimulates women to engage themselves in self-employment activities by not only providing credit, but by also offering business training, skills development support and marketing possibilities to make successful the income generating activities of the women. The members are divided into production groups under the Sudeesa programme and they have a platform to discuss their production activities and marketing related issues together. In Sudeesa programme, widows (Who are even more vulnerable within the community) in the fisher communities are offered the same development opportunities as the others.

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Increasing Livelihood Skills , Social and Social Skills

In order to achieve the vision, mission and goal of Sudeesa, it works from grass root level onwards,using a federal structure of village-based organizations. By organizing the fishing and farming communities in village organizations and empowers them to tackle together the different challenges that they have faced. These organizations are developed as co-ops with legal entities for full plagued development.

The members are the decision-makers and “own” all the decisions and therefore,they are committed to making the success of entire programme. Sudeesa uses an integrated approach to address the different challenges faced by fishing and farming communities.Sudeesa activities are defined to achieve result on education, health and socio-economic issues,which are together should lead to sustainable social and economic living.

The Conceptual Framework

  • Vision


The Vision of the Small Fishers Federation - Sudeesa is the social transformation of the small scale fishing and farming communities with access to equal opportunities in order to achieve fully fledged development of individuals and their families.

  • Mission


Sudeesa operates in a modest way to provide awareness, knowledge, skills and commitment where necessary, for social transformation. The fishers and farmers including women and youngsters who benefit from the Sudeesa programmes are encouraged to explore personal, collective, structural, cultural and ecological factors which are significant for social transformation and geared towards to sustainable social economic and ecological development.

  • Goal


The goal of Sudeesa is to improve the social and economic living conditions of all the coastal and inland fisher communities and associated farming communities of Sri Lanka. Sudeesa aims to harness the full potential of the small-scale fisher and farming population – specially the women, youngsters and children – by providing care and education and introducing new fields of subsidiary occupations and self-reliance activities in order to improve their standard of living, both socially and economically.

  • Key Principles

Key Principals

The following key sustainability principles are incorporated into operational policies and practiced of Sudeesa at all levels of implementation. Read More....